Alumni Donated Six Million for Peiyang Chunhui Education Fund

Date£º2017-10-12    From£º

¡¡¡¡The 1967 alumni of the English Teacher Class of Tianjin University recently donated six million yuan to set up Peiyang Chunhui Education Fund as an attempt to facilitate the development of the foreign language discipline as well as to encourage talents for their study and research in this field.

¡¡¡¡For the celebration of the 50th anniversary of graduation£¬the 1967 alumni of the English Teacher Class collectively donated money to establish Chunhui Education Fund. Invested respectively for three times£¬the fund falls into four categories: Chunhui Scholarship for Excellent Students in foreign language discipline, covering 30 students each year with 8,000 RMB per person; Chunhui Scholarship for Excellent Teachers in foreign language teaching, covering 1-2 teachers each year with 10,000 RMB per person; Chunhui Special Scholarship for supporting and encouraging other programs in foreign language majors; Chunhui Lifetime Contribution Scholarship for teachers making major contributions in foreign language discipline.

¡¡¡¡The year of 2015 witnessed the 120th Anniversary of Tianjin University. Alumni returned to their alma mater and expressed their love and gratitude for TJU. In 2016, alumni from the School of Foreign Languages and Literature donated Summer Goddess Statue as a gift. They at the same time hit upon an idea to raise money for foreign language discipline construction. Tian Zhenshen£¬a representative of the alumni, said that, ¡°At the opening ceremony of the Goddess Statue£¬we hang  a scroll with a well-know Chinese poem ¡®Who says the little soul of grass waving, could for the warmth repay the sun of Spring.¡¯ Now we name The fund Peiyang Chunhui, which means the sun of spring in Chinese£¬to show our affection and gratitude for our alma mater. I hope all graduates bear in mind the grace of cultivation from TJU when we enter into society. The Education Fund was established for the specific purpose of encouraging excellent students and cultivating more foreign language talents for our country.

¡¡¡¡Admitted in 1962£¬these alumni were chosen in the English Teacher Class initiated by then-president Mr. Li Shusen and instructed by Zhang Zhongying, a notable scholar in the English field. This class then laid the foundation for the foreign language education in TJU. They made outstanding contribution in different trades after graduation and now requite their Alma mater in foreign language discipline construction and talents cultivation. Wang Dawei, one of the alumni said, ¡°We got 15 people in our class, among which 4 classmates passed away. The rest of us are over 70, and hope to repay this place. We will keep the Chunhui Scholarship so that it can be inherited from generation to generation.¡±

¡¡¡¡The alumni¡¯s spirit of requiting alma mater and contributing to society have set a good example. All faculty and students will make painstaking efforts to improve the quality of the discipline and talents cultivation, and strive for the goals of establishing a world-class university featuring "Comprehensiveness£¬Research, Openness and Internationalization¡±.