For providing students a broader platform and creating a good atmosphere for innovation, our school has actively established collaborations with other universities, companies and organizations at home and abroad.

  Collaborations at home: Melbourne Office(Tianjin), China International Travel Service(Tianjin), China Council for the Promotion of International Trade,, Shandong Iron and Steel Group CO., HP TRANS and Tianjin Ifengspace Media.

  Collaborations abroad: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, National Chengchi University, National Dong Hwa UniversityHosei Universityand Waseda University.

  These collaborations aim at providing all-round, multi-level and wide field teaching practice platform for students and commit to cultivating outstanding talents who have patriotic feelings, a world vision, innovativeness and practical capabilities.

Latest News


Annual Conference of Tianjin Linguistics Society was held in Tianjin University

 On Oct 21st. 2017, Annual Conference of Tianjin Linguistics Society(TLS) was held at Peiyang Park Campus, Tianjin University (TJU). Organized by TLS, this annual conference was hosted by School o...

Alumni Donated Six Million for Peiyang Chunhui Education Fund

The 1967 alumni of the English Teacher Class of Tianjin University recently donated six million yuan to set up Peiyang Chunhui Education Fund as an attempt to facilitate the development of the fore...

2017 Tianjin University English Speech Contest (The Qualification Trial of the 20th College Students¨ English Speech Contest of Tianjin) Successfully Held

 On September 23rd 2017, the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, together with Teaching Affairs Department of Tianjin University, successfully held Tianjin University English Speech Contes...

SFLL Held an Opening Ceremony for High-end Trainees

 The School of Foreign Languages and Literature held an opening ceremony for new students of the special training program on September 8th. According to the arrangement of Tianjin University, six ...