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  Founded in 2013, the Research Center for Linguistic Sciences (RCLS) at TJU is an academic organization promoting the study of the Chinese language and foreign languages, with an emphasis on the scientific aspects of linguistic studies as well as its relevance to theoretical implications and practical applications.


  Attached to the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, the RCLS faculties conduct research and teaching activities, and provide professional assistance services to society. RCLS drives the innovation of liberal arts at TJU, and also strengthens interdisplinary cooperation between sciences and arts.



  To explore

  -the relationship between the founding of modern science and the revolution of linguistics,

  -the relationship between deductive logic and theoretical structure of linguistics, and

  -the relationship between linguistic studies and the science-forming ideology




  Li Xu, Professor and Director

  Feng Shengli, Professor

  Shi Xiangdong, Professor

  Feng Hui, Associate Professor and Assistant director:

  Wang Yongyuan, Associate Professor and Assistant director

  Bai Chen, Associate Professor

  Chen Xinhai, Lecturer

  Gao Shuxun, Lecturer


  Graduate students:

  PhD candidate:

  Wang Deyi (Class of 2017, supervised by Prof. Feng Shengli)


  MA candidates:

  Hu Dan (Class of 2016, supervised by Prof. Feng Shengli)

  Wang Sirui (Class of 2016, supervised by Prof. Shi Xiangdong)

  Sun Shan ((Class of 2017, supervised by Prof. Shi Xiangdong)




  Research Projects:

  NSSF-Funded Key Project

  Feng Shengli


  Project No. 15AYY009




  Contact Us

  Address: 135 Yaguan Rd., Tianjin Haihe Educational Park, Tianjin 300350 P. R. China

  Tel: 86-22-27409257